Our Manufacturers

Anthem includes multi-channel processors and amplifiers. Michigan and Toledo, OH

CellGate provides products and service for remote monitoring over cellular networks. MI, OH, Western PA, and WV

Fortress Seating offers unique custom home theater seating. Click here for a factory tour.  MI, OH, Western PA, WV, IN, KY

Kinetics Noise Control addresses a variety of noise issues. Michigan

 Paradigm speakers are designed with the listener in mind. Michigan and Toledo, OH only


Seura features a full line of TV and illuminated mirrors as well as outdoor TV's for every climate. Michigan


TPD provides electronic sustainability for the whole home. OH, Western PA, WV, IN, KY

Tributaries features a/v interconnects, speaker cables, UHD HDMI, and more. MI, OH, Western PA, WV

Pulse Eight is the UK-based multi-award winning manufacturer of audio/video control and distribution systems. Pulse 8 acquired Zektor in 2018 and consolidated world-wide branding in 2021. MI, OH, Western PA, WV, IN, KY

Xtreme Power Conversion is a global provider of reliable, high performance UPS and power distribution units.  MI, OH, Western PA, WV, IN, KY

 RGPC products provide protection from lethal spikes and surges. MI, OH, Western PA, WV, IN, KY

Clarus patented technology of audiophile-quality cables promises to immerse you in the ultimate listening experience. MI, OH, Western PA, and WV

Hegel Believe your own Ears.  Legendary integrated, pre & power amplifiers and the vaulted Viking CD Player.  OH, Western PA, and WV